Customer Care

Mattheu Gustafson


One of the reviewers said that the parts don’t hold up…and there is a certain amount of risk when buying from ANY Salvage Yard. I purchase a front end assembly for my 2000 Silverado for a fair price and had it shipped to Wichita, KS. When we got it uncrated, there were some issues that were unknown to Chris (who I dealt with online and over the phone). I think that the guys that prepped it for shipment didn’t let him know. Either way, when I called he said he would do whatever he could to take care of me. He couldn’t find another FEA, so he had the crate picked back up (at his cost) and refunded all of my money. I just got a text from him today asking if I still needed one, and while I didn’t, it was nice that he kept looking. When dealing with businesses, often we just feel like a number, but when my order went wrong he did everything right to keep me happy and I would purchase from Chris and A & A again. Two thumbs up! Matt in Wichita, KS